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Greetings, welcome, and information...

Okay, so I'm actually going to follow through on the idea I proposed on my journal a week ago. I figured that it would be easier for all of us to talk about what to do about getting together if I created a community for that purpose. 

I've set it up so that we could all post; that way we can all bring up ideas, and nobody gets left out. I don't want to just be the straw-boss and tell you guys everything minute-by-minute. 

I still propose Denver, as it's now really central to us all, and I know a lot of fun things that we can do. So, here's what I need from you guys:

First order of business: I need you guys to tell me when the best time would be for this summer. My availability is still open for June and July, but if I'm going to be the main contact and criminal mastermind, I'll have to reserve the space in the request off folder within the next couple of months.

Don't get discouraged if we can't all meet. I'll try and pick the time that fits the best for the most people, and hopefully this'll be fun enough that we can make it a tradition, with each of us taking turns planning each year.

All right guys, fire away!

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